In January of 2014, Joshua Tree's beloved herbalist fell dramatically ill.

The shock of this event brought the community together, each member using their own form of wit, practical magic and spiritual wisdom, in a desperate effort and race against time to save the life of their Jenny Q.  A year into Jenny's recovery, she began to write. She also reached out to her friends and family for their stories of how this event touched them. While the words of her community tell the tale from a multitude of outside perspectives, Jenny Q’s own insightful, vulnerable, courageous writing provides a fascinating window into a range of rare experiences - from the worlds encountered inside a coma, to being ravaged by sepsis, the absolute alteration of losing one’s legs, the subtle venom of PTSD, the nightmare of opiate withdrawal.

Held Together holds many stories in its pages. The powerful story of a mother’s love for her daughter. The family love story between a child and two women, holding onto each other for dear life. The story of how Jenny's Arab birth family and eclectic Joshua Tree family held her and discovered themselves. The story of the fierce determination of a lover who stayed close by the side of her true friend.

Though Held Together ruthlessly explores dark and fearful places, it is also a celebration of the human will and the power of love.  This book will inspire and light a path, especially for those in struggle or in pain.


Jenny Q was born in Southern California to Palestinian immigrants. Her love of herbs began in her teens while on the road following the Grateful Dead. After exploring many heart homes, she set her roots in Joshua Tree, California, where she opened Grateful Desert, the local apothecary.  

Joyously sharing her life with her tight-knit desert community, Jenny lives with her beloveds: Yazzy, her daughter and Myshkin, her wife.