"An impressive feat of collaborative non-fiction that takes risk with experimental style and format to tell an amazing story of love, family, and perseverance."  —— Love Bytes

The close-knit desert community of Joshua Tree takes center stage in this unique book, in which Jenny Q—able-bodied mother, music devotee, and beloved proprietor of the local apothecary—survives sepsis, becomes a double amputee, and finds her way back to joy.

Held Together is now available in paperback and e-book everywhere.
But especially here.

Held Together and Myshkin Warbler's record Trust and the High Wire (covering the same narrative territory in dialects of soul/jazz and indie rock) were released by DoubleSalt on June 1. To celebrate the good fortune of finishing both projects at the same time, Myshkin and Jenny created Trust.Together, a live show that pulls the two works together on stage into one performance piece. Trust.Together debuted at the Harrison House in Joshua Tree on June 9, with an eight piece band and thirteen readers. A theatrical adaptation is in the discussion stage, and Jenny and Myshkin toured a potent stripped down version on the West Coast this summer.